Conference & Workshop Leadership

“Your Presentation was Fantastic!”

From California to Florida and points in between, Ty Wood has been well-received as a conference and workshop leader on crafting clear, compelling, brand-advancing messages for professional organizations, non-profit and faith-based groups, and the military.   Here are a couple of attendee comments:

I enjoyed your presentation a lot. Your straightforward approach to the subject has made me less apprehensive about using video. I've shared your wisdom with my coworkers, and that I hope will help us make better videos. It was a delight to be in your session.–Lesley

I appreciated your candor, warmth, story-telling style, the pace of the presentation, and of course your knowledge and experience. For me, yours was one of the best sessions – I felt like you and I were having a conversation, even though I didn’t ever say anything! It was relaxing and refreshing.–Lori

Some of Ty’s recent workshop topics are:



Don’t Do a Video, Tell a Video Story

Technologically, it’s easier than ever to shoot and edit a video and add it to your landing page, attach it to an e-mail, or clip it to a social media posting.  Some may be funny, others may be poignant, they may get hundreds of views, but do they support and advance your company’s brand?   Those attending Ty’s session will learn how to identify good stories and story-tellers in their organization, will be introduced to the basic tools and technology of video storytelling, and will begin to understand the process of crafting and effectively using video stories as part of their communication strategy.


Shoot, Edit, Show

Everyone has a camera, but that doesn’t mean everyone is capable of creating good visual communications any more than owning a computer and knowing how to type makes a person a good writer.  This workshop gives non-video communicators some production tips and hands-on practice  to improve the quality of their on-line video materials. We also evaluate affordable video cameras and editing software as well as several ways to use web-based or on-line video.


Look, Listen, Tell: Five secrets for successful corporate story-telling

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to find and successfully re-tell personal stories that powerfully reinforce key values and present the human face of your organization.  The experience-based tips and techniques presented in this session will help you identify the stories and story-tellers in your organization, dig below the surface to find the “real” story, and write for print or video.


Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Whether it’s good news or bad, you’ll one day find yourself in front of a camera answering a reporter’s questions.  Learn from someone who’s been on both sides of the camera how to prepare and prevail.  Beyond the tips and tools this workshop can include group role-playing with constructive critique and individual coaching.


Slice, Dice, Garnish, Serve

Whether you’re writing a speech for someone else or working on your own stage presence, this “Iron Chef” guide to speech-writing for the non speech-writer offers the winning recipe — complete with ready-to-use tips and practical advice for preparing and delivering engaging speeches that match the mood of the occasion and deliver the results you want.


All I Know About Media Relations I Learned The Hard Way

Drawing on Ty’s 30+ years of experience in broadcasting and public relations he’ll show you how to help the media tell your organization’s stories. Topics include knowing the audience you need to reach, defining the desired response, crafting the message to get the desired result, targeted media buying, evaluating and refining your campaign, mixing and matching print-radio-television-web for maximum result, and the power of a simple repeated message. Also discussed is internally auditing your organization to make sure you can deliver on what you promise.


“By the end of this presentation…”

The antidote to torture by Power Point.  You can become your organization’s Power Point Ninja, putting an eternal end to ineffective, dull, boring, useless PowerPoint presentations.  We’ll take a refresher look at keeping slides simple and uncluttered and revisit the value of Power Point as a tool for reinforcing the key points of your presentation rather than a projected word document or a data dump.


Swim Like A Shark: Smart networking for the 21st century

If you spend much time in the water, you respect, and possibly fear, the shark.  But consider these characteristics — the shark is powerfully focused on accomplishing its mission; sharks maneuver well in their environment; sharks have cartilage, not bones, which makes them very flexible; sharks must keep moving or they sink and some species may even drown.   In this session, we look at tips, tools, and techniques to help you turn almost every conversation into a mutually beneficial connection.