A Well-Crafted Script…

… is the roadmap to a compelling, effective video story.

And we never forget that it’s your story we’re telling. Your story deserves more than cookie-cutter templates and recycled ideas, so the only thing we bring to the table is a blank sheet of paper.

We ask questions, we listen to your story, we understand who you want to reach and what you want them to do.  Then we write a script that can be produced on time … within your budget … delivering the results you want.

And if you like, we’ll carry your project from script to screen, drawing on the very best of the Jacksonville-area media production community … experienced, award-winning  videographers, graphic artists, narrators, and editors.

Yes, that’s a late 1920s L. C. Smith model 8-11 typewriter in our logomark.  Of course most of my writing is done on a computer now, but it sits beside my desk as a constant reminder that even the most contemporary communication media must be grounded in old-fashioned values — listen and understand, plan before acting, pay attention to detail and craft each word with care.

This old typewriter does have some nice features, too.  For example, it simultaneously processes and prints text … and it never crashes!  It’s a powerful feeling as my own fingers produce each word, letter-by-letter.  And that effort is regularly rewarded with a ringing bell at the end of each line.  Then, when I hit a dead-end, yanking the paper out of the typewriter, wadding the paper into a ball, and doing a bank-shot off the wall into the trash can is infinitely more satisfying than just hitting “DEL”!