A different kind of social media

When I picked up the mail yesterday, tucked in with the bills and business correspondence was a hand-written note from the proprietor of a small shop where I’d recently made a purchase.  And in an age when even birthday greetings arrive via e-mail, this personal note really got my attention.  It also reminded me of a time, not so long ago, when social niceties were the norm rather than the exception.

Maybe because high-tech communication seems to fill every moment of ...

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What is it you do?

Every once in a while, I glance around my office, notice the business license on the wall … and have a good laugh.

Back when I first went to the tax collector’s office for my license, the process started routinely enough … corporate papers, location of business, mailing address, phone number.

Then came the question, “What is it you do?”  And that’s where it got interesting.

“I’m a corporate story-teller.”

The clerk’s fingers stopped moving across the keyboard. His eyes moved from the computer ...

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