What is it you do?

Every once in a while, I glance around my office, notice the business license on the wall … and have a good laugh.

Back when I first went to the tax collector’s office for my license, the process started routinely enough … corporate papers, location of business, mailing address, phone number.

Then came the question, “What is it you do?”  And that’s where it got interesting.

“I’m a corporate story-teller.”

The clerk’s fingers stopped moving across the keyboard. His eyes moved from the computer screen to me without saying a word.  But his arched eyebrows asked a non-verbal question.

So I gave him my elevator speech — “I help my client-friends craft and tell their stories, report their successes, raise financial support, and recruit and train volunteers and professional staff.  I work primarily in video, but across a range of delivery platforms.”

Still without a word, his eyes returned to the computer screen and his fingers resumed tapping the keyboard.  A few seconds later, he walked to the printer and came back with my license.  As he handed it to me he said, “You’ll need to renew this every September.”  And, as I walked away, I noticed I was now officially licensed to practice Public Service or Repair – not specified.

As I’ve thought about it, this isn’t as odd as it might seem.  I do provide a service to my client-friends helping them tell their stories, build relationships, and invite people to do business with them.  And I provide a service to the public by making them aware of the fine products and services of my clients.  It may even be that, along the way, I’ve helped repair a few damaged public images.

So maybe I should revise my business card — Corporate Story-telling, Scriptwriting, Media Production, Public Service or Repair – not specified.

What do you think?